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Earlier today (Saturday evening), the Jordanians held a large candle-light rally outside the Presidential palace in Amman urging the release of all political prisoners presently held in various prisons throughout the kingdom. According to an official at the al-Balad media center in Amman, many prisoners have taken part in the candle-light protest against their long-time imprisonment, some of them even demanding the immediate release of all political prisoners. “A number of protesters gathered outside the palace to call for the immediate release of all political prisoners. Security forces have dispersed the crowd with tear gas canisters,” he added.

iPhone Slot Machine Games - Great iPhone Casino Gambling Apps

iPhone Slot Machine Games – Great iPhone Casino Gambling Apps

According to witnesses, the peaceful demonstration called by several Jordanians outside the Palace was triggered by the presence inside the Al-Gabelo Prison located in the Ramat Al-Nouri Road, where several prominent politicians are being held. The peaceful crowd started to gather as soon as it was announced that the head of the Al-Gabelo Group was to be replaced by the moderate King Abdullah bin al-Khalifah. During this time the protesters chanted slogans against the monarchy and called for the immediate freeing of all political prisoners. Some of them waved placards which read, “We want the King free!” and “The king has nothing to lose.”

The small number of participants in the demonstration were mostly camped outside the Al-Gabelo prison when the demonstration began. They were joined by members of the Islamic religious community, who brought along gifts and Qurans. As the demonstrations went on with growing frequency throughout the day, more and smaller tents began to appear inside the small alleys outside the palace which contained only a few slots and some baccarat tables. Soon, the number of participants who were participating in the larger street demonstrations overflowed into the streets and the Al-Gabelo became a very crowded place as a large number of people were streaming through the alleys trying to reach their destination.

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